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 Do you need a professional assembly for your furniture?

Do not waste your time trying to assemble furniture ready-to-assemble. Our assemblers have experience in the assembly of office furniture, residential furniture, outdoor equipment, furnishings and recreational sports and more. To meet the needs of our customers, we will reconcile us with requests for assembling the evening and the weekend as soon as possible.

Let the professionals PRO assembly meet all your assembly needs. We are a professional assembly company located in Montreal.

Our company is based on the idea that most homeowners and businesses do not have enough time to assemble their new furniture ready-to-mount or their general household products; work that could take a long time. Joining PRO offers all clients a quality service for the installation of office furniture and residential furniture, a service that includes free telephone estimates, and detailed assessments of the current prices on our website (quote) descriptions or we have one of our assemblers comes home.

Services we offer:

     Assembly of office furniture and residential furniture
     Assembly leisure facilities and sports
     Assembling the table games
     Local ownership and delivery, moving in Montreal
     Free estimates and evaluations by phone

Assembling furniture ready-to-assemble furniture and installation are not the only services we offer. We also offer assembling exercise equipment, bicycle assembly, the assembly of gas grills or charcoal and assembly of many other items.

Please visit our services page for more information. Occasionally, if there is a need for assembling furniture, we can put together for you regardless of the retailer where you purchased your furniture. Professionals are ready to assemble your furniture in just one click.

Save time and money!

-Relax while your new piece of furniture is assembled with the utmost care.

-Avoid the frustration of understanding the existing complicated instructions in the manuals.

-Forget the fact that you have to handle these heavy and bulky objects. 
-Move your furniture with peace of mind when moving premises
-Turn away and send your valuable time on other activities with your personal priorities.

-Are you interested in our assemblers and movers in Montreal? Call-us now!

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